About the Blog

“Breaking the Chains of Illusion” is a blog/forum that gets its name from Erich Fromm’s book with the same title, for it intends to contribute to the construction of a socialist society; i.e, the emancipation of humanity; a society, as Fromm says, that leads to the resolution of the antagonisms within humanity and between nature and humanity.

About the blogger

I am a currently getting my Masters Degree in Economics in the University of Puerto Rico with plans of getting my Phd in Economics in the US; hopefully in a program characterized for being of a heterodox nature and with emphasis on Marxian Economics. My interests also include atheism, tactics and strategies for spreading class consciousness, and the Puerto Rican struggle for independence from US imperialism. My current research interests are how class processes overdetermine the Puerto Rican colonial case.


About the header image

The header is an adaptation of Aimee L. Dingman’s “Socially Acceptable Portrait of Karl Marx”


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