Introduction to Marxian Economics and Capital

Capital (Das Kapital), Karl Marx’s magnum opus, is a very scary piece of work if you do not have a previous introduction to Marxian Economics. Most who try such an endeavor tend to give up in the first chapters. However, I believe there is an easy way to get an introduction to some of his main concepts which will allow you to then try to tackle Capital. First there is marxian economist Richard Wolff’s Intensive introduction to Marxian Economics. It is a set of four lectures you can watch or listen to that will help you understand the central concepts in Marx’s theories. Afterwards, you can try David Harvey’s Reading Capital, which is a set of 13 lectures you can also listen or watch. You can do the readings Professor Harvey assigns for each lecture, or you can listen to the lecture first, read secondly, then re-listen the lecture. It will take you longer but you’ll make sure your comprehending Capital as you go. Most Economics departments completely ignore Marxian theory, so this is a great way to start if you’re really interested.


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The author of this blog is a 30ish-yr old college professor who obtained a Phd in Economics and later suffered existential meltdowns as a result of participating in academia and ultra-leftist circles. * #parenting 2 daughters * #normalizecannabis * #FullyAutomatedLuxuryGaySpaceCommunism * I live on tropical island The blog’s existence proves the author is a neurotic narcissist who knows this collection of articles is bad, ephemeral, and potentially meaningless—unless justified from outside the writer’s self and outside itself.
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